Introduction: What will happen if two pieces of text have a baby? I use RiTa, a natural language processing library, to catagorize all vocabularies into POS categories, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives. Then I analyze their "genes" and seperate them into dominant (the same letter appears more than once in the word, e.g. "happy") and recessive (each letter only appears once, e.g. "circle"). I compared the alleles from both texts and the words with dominant "genes" will be passed to the baby, except if both alleles are recessive, similar to Mendelian's Laws of Inheritance. Lastly, I assemble different groups of words based on basic grammar.

The displayed texts are an example of the outcome. Two "parent" texts are respectively a poem - The Confiteor Of the Artist, by Charles Baudelaire, and news about gravitational wave from Washington Post. You can generate your baby text from the input boxes below.

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